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Presented by State Library Victoria

Train Wreck

The train screeched loudly on the tracks as it rumbled slowly to a stop at the platform. The doors squealed as they opened, and passengers flooded in and out, carelessly pushing each other out of the way.

The doors closed again just as the last commuter exited their carriage and the train rolled away in the direction of the city, creaking and groaning as it went.

A whistle from up ahead indicated the approach of another train. Just when the noise ended, the first train began to drift off the tracks as though a very large magnet was pulling it into the path of the other train.

There was the ear-splitting noise of grinding metal, and the passengers were thrown off their feet, colliding with poles and seats as they were thrown around inside their carriages. The windows shattered, and many groans and screams accompanied the din. A baby began wailing and an alarm began blaring.

An emotionless voice directed commuters to “…calmly make your way to the exits. Please follow all directions given to you by the driver and calmly ma- “. The comm system spluttered and died. Sparks began flying from the broken light-up sign, setting fire to the fabric upholstered seats.

Unbeknown to the injured passengers and drivers of both crashed trains, the snapped electrical cables above were dangling dangerously close. A sudden gust of wind blew the cables and on their back swing, they contacted.

The blaze of light could be seen for hundreds of metres around and the smoke rose high up into the air. The fire burned for days after and nothing was left on the tracks except two long, snaking metal skeletons and a large, black scorch mark on the ground.

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Wow. Grim... It's amazing how quickly you can finish a story. I can never do that ;(

20th May, 18